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How to wear chunky jewelry

Cindy wearing chunky colorful necklace
how to wear chunky jewelry

Hello beautiful people It's time that we should talk about the elephant in the room. what I am referring to is chunky and colorful jewelry.

I realize people get a bit intimidated by chunky jewelry not to talk about all the color that is around my neck but don't worry I think I can help so, let me tell you about my tips for wearing colorful chunky / funky pieces it may be a necklace, bangles, earrings or headpieces I follow a few rules, for instance the necklace I am wearing it is colorful and chunky so to balance this out I use an earring that is a very small stud so, pretty much the rules when it comes to chunky colorful jewelry is it's all about balance. Now you may ask "well how do I balance it out with the outfit" well you have to make sure you use solid colors for your outfit so that then you create an equal relationship between outfit and jewelry.

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